Empowering individuals and championing neighborhoods through sustainable urban agriculture.

City Farmers is the Urban Agriculture Research & Development Initiative of the Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago.

The initiative’s purpose is:

to facilitate university research of urban agriculture best practices

develop and maintain an open source knowledge base

support the creation of workforce development programs and businesses using the knowledge base

create partnerships with organizations to amplify our efforts

100% of our donations and finances are managed by the PHIMC.

How do we do it?

Aeroponic Technology

Our greenhouses use state-of-the-art aeroponic technology that reduces water usage by 90%

and land usage by 98%

Workforce Development

We provide job training and support

to individuals with criminal records, and veterans, supplying opportunities for

employment and a brighter future.

Community Impact

By transforming vacant lots into thriving greenhouses, we not only create jobs,

we provide fresh, locally-grown produce to communities in need.

Aeroponic Technology

90% less water

98% less land

30% more crop yields than conventional farming

Workforce Development

Providing job training, reentry support, and ownership opportunities

Offering a second chance to individuals with criminal records and an opportunity for veterans

Reducing recidivism rates

Community Impact

Activating blighted, vacant land with attractive architecture

Growing fresh produce in the communities with least access to fresh food and grocery stores.

Bringing productive assets and employment opportunities into the communities with the least resources