Our Mission

Our goal is to promote self-sufficiency and personal growth, equipping people with the skills to own and operate their own greenhouses.

We are dedicated to empowering individuals, particularly those with criminal records and veterans,

through comprehensive training in sustainable urban agriculture.

Parallel to this, we champion vibrant neighborhoods.

By transforming vacant city lots into commercial agricultural greenhouses, we contribute to the vitality and sustainability of urban communities.

Our approach to urban agriculture sparks community engagement, environmental stewardship, and local economic growth.

Meet our team

Ian Wylie Hedrick

Project Director

Our Fiscal Sponsor

The Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago manages and monitors our finances, including grant reporting.

Karen Reitan

President & CEO

Vivian Funches


Our Advisors

Advisors are an informal board of trusted associates to our organization.

Steve Denenberg

Co-Founder, Former CFO & COO


Urban Ag, Operations

Bob Soljacich



Business Development, Marketing

Richard Nelson



Grant-Based Research

Anthony Garcia

Training & Dev. Program Manager

Los Angeles Regional Reentry Program

Workforce Development

David Graber
Charlie Brownrigg

Frmr VP

JP Morgan Chase

IT & Community Impact

Steve Zia


UNC Chapel Hill


We are forever grateful to

our founding grantor, the FOODNOUNS.

FOODNOUNS is a tasty fork of the NounsDAO, an experimental on-chain avatar community

bootstrapping digital community and identity. Proceeds from 3 FOODNOUNS auctions per day

builds the Treasury that will fund on-chain Proposals with a focus on Food Production and Innovation, 

Education and Entertainment, Food and Beverage Industry Wellness, and Fun!

Learn more about proposals and the FOODNOUNS DAO, take part in longer form discussions

in Chef Notebook, or start creating your own β€œoff-chain” FOODNOUN using the Test Kitchen.