Aeroponic Agriculture

Dry-fog aeroponics is a cutting-edge cultivation method that optimizes plant growth through a nutrient-rich mist. This innovative approach suspends plant roots in air within a growth chamber, where they are intermittently misted with a nutrient solution. The dry-fog method ensures optimal oxygenation, promoting faster growth and higher yields compared to traditional farming methods.

This sustainable technique uses less water, reduces the need for soil, and allows for year-round cultivation, making it an ideal solution for urban agriculture.

Let's go vertical

100 plants per square meter

30% faster harvests on average

Can be deployed as individual units or in arrays of hundreds.

Energy Efficient LED Grow Lights

98% less water using

nutrient-mixed solutions

Controlled growing environments

= no pests, no mold, no chemicals

Automatic Control

Set It and Forget It

Our control systems automatically mix the nutrient solution and water the crops, to exact specifications and timing.

Ultra Smart

Integrated sensors measures water levels, pH, oxygenation, electrical conductivity, temperature, nutrient levels, everything important for consistent, nutritious crops.

Seeds Are Where It Starts

Maximize Space

Vertical racks equipped with grow lights and hydroponics

allow thousands of plants to be started simultaneously.

Meet Demand

New crops can be rotated out in as little as 2 weeks,

bringing new growing operations online rapidly.

90% less water

Aeroponics delivers nutrients directly to plant roots through a fine mist, minimizing water waste and maximizing absorption efficiency.

98% less land

Utilizing vertical space allows for high-density planting and efficient use of available area.

30% faster harvests

Direct nutrient delivery and optimal oxygenation accelerate plant growth and shorten the growth cycle.

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